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    Taha Contracting Company in Dubai established in 2003 and involved in construction of residential & commercial buildings, villas, industrial sheds, warehouses and labour camps with divisions in the fields of structural and architectural construction, Electrical & Plumbing, Building maintenance, Interior design and decoration, landscape, swimming pool.

    At TAHA Construction Company, we are committed to tailoring Project Delivery Systems that suit the needs of each client. Currently, the three delivery systems most widely utilized are General Contracting, Construction management and Design/Build.Regardless of the Delivery system selected, TAHA has a proven track record of providing quality projects on time and with in budget.

    As general contractor, we typically work under a lamp-sum contract and perform many phases of the work with our own forces. Our daily participation in the marketplace as a builder enables us to bring estimating, scheduling and coordinating expertise to any project.

    As construction manager, TAHA works under a professional services contract with the owner and architect-engineer to establish a management team that plans, designs and completes each project in the most timely and cost-effective manner. On many projects where TAHA performs as Construction Manager, we guarantee cost and schedule, and work to ensure that the owner’s needs are met/delivered on time and with in budget.

    TAHA assembles a project team that consists of interior of commercial and residential building and villas, landscape and swimming pool. Design and construction planners, designers, engineers and contractors capable of transforming an owner’s goals and objectives into a successful and completed project .The TAHA Design team assumes total responsibility for all aspects of the project, thereby providing a single point of responsibility and accountability. This delivery system allows the owner to lead a team of industry professionals that has been assembled specifically to meet the project’s unique characteristics.

    Enclosed is the list of complete commercial, residential and Interior Decoration projects, which have been completed and on-going projects by us for your review.

    We thank you for your attention and patronage and await your further correspondence and instructions.